Below is a list of courses for which I’ve served as a teaching fellow.

EPI207 - Advanced Epidemiologic Methods

Instructor: James Robins

Terms: Fall 2020, Fall 2021 (Lead)

Required course for epidemiology PhD students. Causal inference for time-varying exposures: g-formula, inverse-probability weighting, marginal structural models, static and dynamic treatment regimes. Responsible for leading 90 min lab section and grading homeworks and tests.

🏆 Department of Epidemiology Excellence in Teaching Award 2021

PHS2000 - Quantitative reseach methods

Instructors: Tyler Vanderweele, Michael Hughes, Issa Dahabreh, and Jarvis Chen

Terms: Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Fall 2021

Year-long required methods course for first-year PhD students. Regression models, sampling, longitudinal and multilevel analysis, time-varying confounding, mediation and interaction, econometric methods, and missing data. Responsible for leading 90 min lab section, developing homework assignments and tests, and drafting course materials.

🏆 GSAS Distinction in Teaching Award 2019, 2020, and 2021