Below is a list of software that I’ve developed or contributed to:


  • globorisk. An R package for calculating risks of CVD using Globorisk.
  • gmethods. An R package for estimating causal effects using Robins’ “g-methods”, i.e. the g-formula, g-estimation, and inverse probability weighting. (In development)


  • ipacheck. A Stata package for running high-frequency checks on survey data for field experiments. With Rosemarie Sandino, Ishmail Baako, Caton Brewster, and Isabel Oñate.
  • bcstats. A Stata program for analyzing back check (field audit) data and comparing it to the original survey data. With Matthew White.
  • surveycto_api. A Stata program to automate downloading data from SurveyCTO server using the API.
  • photobook. A Stata program to create a nicely formatted photobook from a list of image files.